On March 27, 2020 South Africa went into level 5 lockdown in an attempt to flatten the Covid-19 curve. The lockdown was initially scheduled for three weeks, but continued albeit at decreasing levels for much of the year. It is still in effect at level 1. Due to the laws in place, we were unable to hold large gatherings or seminars. Our community service, however, continued in the form of working together with other organizations to assist in easing the economic distress so many in the rural areas were subject to under the stringent lockdown and resulting fear and depression arising from loss of income and self-worth.

One of the major drives was to make masks for distribution to front line workers and others in the community who were unable to afford them. This continues as the mask laws are still in place and no one may enter a store or be part

of any gathering without a mask.

Some of the masks made for distribution by the Academy

Community workers receiving donated masks at a local pharmacy


Community workers tasked with feeding those unable to feed their families – wearing some of the donated masks