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*ECO-Conference – was held Feb 2012*

Outside Johannesburg in the area of the famous Cradle of Mankind.

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The Academy is bringing together specialists from all parts of southern Africa, Europe and the United States in the fields of education, science, ecology and agriculture to its Conference Center to discuss the most recent advances in sustainable development, agriculture, alternative energy and environmental design for urban and rural South Africa.

We will show models and create demonstrations which will reveal how everyone can play a role in helping to combat Climate Change and bring a better living environment to those especially in the Developing countries of Africa.

In agriculture the Academy in South Africa has been working with Oxford-trained educator and environmental design specialist Anthony Trowbridge. He has introduced exemplary methods of planting crops and cultivating the soil substructure for longer growing cycles by the use of sacred geometric patterns of circles which are layered with certain types of mixed compose and “French drain” techniques so that water continuously flows from higher levels of circle planting to neighboring areas of circular planting.

In addition, Dr. James J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak of the Academy in North America will be discussing a variety of energy advances from hydroxy fuels in Japan to environment-friendly homes in South America.

There will be other speakers who will be joining us who will demonstrate how renewable energies can also be integrated in the basic concept of bioenergy villages; for example wind and hydro-electric power stations and solar power stations.

The Academy For Future Science, South Africa is a registered NGO with
ECOSOC at the United Nations and we work to create a sustainable future.

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farmingsaThe Academy activities involves food production and new farming techniques, community living, respect for the Africa heritage, including use of African languages in medical texts and books; promotion of literacy for better educational development in rural areas. We also encourage cross-cultural fellowship through music and concerts in multi-language learning.

sa_boysTo better understand the concept of humanity and the earth as one interdependent organism, the Academy takes a closer look at the history of human evolution in terms of the contributions by all segments of humanity from newly discovered artifacts to innovation with direct implications for cultural pluralism, communications, and environmental science.